Human Energy Control

For over 70 years a secret program of mind and energy control has been pursued by governments and organizations around the world. Their goal – to learn how to manipulate and control…

Victim to Victor

The information in this book will help you understand why you live with beliefs and thoughts that cripple your dreams and prevent you from experiencing your life in a powerful, fulfilling way. Although…

30 Days to Everyday Miracles

Do you need a miracle in your life? Learn how to create an effortless flow of miracles from Jennifer Hoffman, the world’s premier Miracle Coach, who has taught thousands the principles of…

Atlantis Legacy

The Atlantis Legacy exposes the hidden energetic imprints that have been part of our lives since Atlantis’ destruction, which ended the last ascension cycle. We are now at the transition point of the…

The 5 Priorities of Soul Energy Mastery

The soul’s gift to us is the 5 Energy Priorities, energy principles that we can use for healing and transformation. The soul holds these principles in their…

Ascending into Miracles

We are at a crossroads in our evolution, a place where all of humanity can choose the path of enlightenment and create heaven on earth. Are we resigned to our destiny or can we believe ours is the…

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