Do you need a miracle in your life?

Let me show you how to create a miracle and live in your Miracle Zone.


Learn how to create an effortless flow of miracles from Jennifer Hoffman, the world’s premier Miracle Coach, who has taught the principles of miracle creation to millions around the world since 2005. 

You do not need to be at the best time in your life to create miracles. Sometimes it helps to be at a very challenging place where you have no clarity, confidence, direction, solutions, or hope. All you have is the desire to make a change in your life because you can no longer tolerate to be where you are in your life right now.

And that’s the perfect time to start creating miracles. I know, that’s where I was when I created a fantastic miracle, when I had no money, was nearly homeless, and could not find a job.

You will read about my miracle story, where I created a free, all expense paid trip to France that I was paid to go on.  At the time I was flat broke, nearly homeless, I could not find a job, I was scared, and asking God to take me home every night because I really believed that the only way to fix the impossible problems in my life (no money, no job, no home) would be to just pass away quietly in my sleep.

But something else happened instead (you’ll have to read the book to find out) and from that point on I was in my Miracle Zone.


So if you’re scared, facing what appears to be impossible obstacles, unsure of what to do next, and feeling powerless and helpless, you can use your creative power to move the energy in your life – and that is what creating miracles is all about.

You can have miracles happen every day and live in your Miracle Zone. I know because I did it and I hope what you’ll learn in 30 Days to Everyday Miracles will help you do that too.

Here’s some of what you will learn in Jennifer Hoffman’s 30 Days to Everyday Miracles book:

  • the two most important miracle concepts,
  • the three attitudes that will guarantee miracles,
  • the traps we fall into that prevent miracles from happening and
  • how to work with universal law so that an effortless, continuous flow of miracles is possible
  • why you should avoid sharing your miracles with others (very important)
  • why asking for money is a huge miracle block.

Each of the thirty lessons includes examples from Jennifer’s Miracle Coaching clients, real life stories of how they created a miracle in their lives in spite of challenging circumstances.

Miracles represent the soul’s desire for healing and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. Everyone can create miracles when they know how to tap into their miracle potential. You can too.

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Now I know why I block my miracles

I realized I was blocking my own miracles because my ‘inner voice’ was always arguing with me. Thanks for this information, I will use it to create my miraculous life.


I created my first miracle!

I actually created a miracle after reading lesson 9 – my first real, intentional, deliberate miracle! I am so happy. The past is no longer going to be ruling my present life. Thank you Jennifer.


I now understand abundance

I always thought I had no abundance because I was always struggling financially. Now I realize I was creating a LOT of abundance  in what I didn’t want. I now use my abundance energy much more intentionally and am feeling much more confident about my ability to create abundance in what I do want.


Jennifer Hoffman teaches rich, happy, and successful living skills through the use of energetic alignment, intention, resonance, miracles, and manifestation. She is recognized as the world’s most accurate intuitive mystic, the iconic Energy Savante, and has been a leading voice in the spiritual awareness movement since 2003. She is also a top-selling author of 8 books, a popular radio, blog, and video blog host, business and life transformation catalyst and spiritual teacher.

Since 2004 she has published the weekly Enlightening Life newsletter, with more than 4 million readers, which is the Internet’s oldest and most widely read publication. Jennifer provides life intuition, spiritual wisdom, and business savvy to a client base that includes celebrities, business and industry leaders, professionals and other clients from  more than 75 countries.

Her life changing programs, courses, coaching, and messages have been praised by her millions of readers. She is also a business and technology expert, whose career ended when she was visited by Archangel Uriel in 2003 and asked to be a soul ascension messenger. You can learn more about Jennifer at and explore her expert business training at

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