Thank you for your purchase of the Human Energy Control Protocols book. This book has helped so many people reclaim their power, freedom, free will, energetic sovereignty, and their lives. Much of what I share in this book is based on my own story, one which you can probably relate to. The fear, doubt, and uncertainty that was with me for decades while I felt so out of control but aware that there was something wrong, something not quite right about my life, my childhood, and my energy. I have heard from thousands of readers who have shared their stories of decades of lost lives, of trauma, sadness, and pain who are now free, joyful, and learning how to be in control of their energy again.

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How do you know whether you are subject to energy control or have had your energy manipulated? This checklist of symptoms will help you discover the signs of energy control and identify the behaviors that are associated with them, which includes unexplained fears, anxieties, doubts, and that feeling of knowing something is wrong but you cannot figure out what it is. This is something that plagues energy control victims and they derive a lot of peace from being able to identify these signs so they can overcome the life limitations they cause.

  Download your list of signs and symptoms of energy control at this link .


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