For over 70 years, various organizations have been experimenting with an array of technologies designed to control and manipulate the human mind and energy field. Their purpose is to control human behavior, thoughts, and actions. Their test subjects were a group of very intuitive, high energy, intelligent children born between the 1940s and the 1970s.

And I know because I was a victim of that testing protocol. This is my story, and it may be your story too. You can read about it in my new book ‘The Human Energy Control Protocols — What You Need to Know About The Secret Agendas to Control Your Energy & Rule the World’. Click here to purchase on Amazon, it’s available in print and Kindle versions.

I want to help you regain control over your energy so I’m offering you some tools as my thanks for purchasing this book.


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My wife and I have read your book and loved it.  I am one of the children you talked about that was used by government agencies and I was able to recall a large portion of what had occurred to me as I read The Human Energy Control Protocols. As part of the generation that was born in the late 1940s, and being very intuitive, intelligent, sensitive, and empathic, I was subjected to all sorts of tests until I entered college.  While I have documented a lot of what I have remembered your book confirmed a lot of what I have suspected but could not fully remember for a long time. Thank you for having the courage to write it, knowing this has set me free from years of doubt, anxiety, and fear. I feel like I can live my life again.

The memories came flooding in after I read The Human Energy Control Protocols and I felt waves of emotion — anger, sadness, regret for the childhood I didn’t have, and fear. But after the initial shock of finally being able to put together my own ‘lost memories’, I feel like I can breathe again.  I no longer have the low level anxiety that has been responsible for my dependence on meds for years. I feel like I now have control of my life and I thank you for having the courage to share your story so we can all find ours.


It took me two weeks to get through the book, as I could only read a few pages at a time. But I have re-read it twice now because each time I remember new things and I am rebuilding my life now on a stronger foundation. I no longer feel like I have to constantly look over my should for someone who’s going to hurt me or do something to me. I am no longer afraid of the dark or of unseen or unknown forces and for the first time in my life I feel strong, confident, and sure of myself. Thank you.


Bonus #1:  A  FREE report on how to activate your power of Energetic Consent to create declarations that set strong energy boundaries, creating pathways for energy to flow into, raising your energy frequency, and moving you out of the reach of energy control technology.

BONUS #2:  A checklist detailing over 21 different symptoms and side effects of energy control experiments and testing, you probably have several of them if you know or suspect this happened to you. These symptoms and side effects are probably still creating problems in your life. Once you know what they are, you can work with the Declaration of Energetic Consent exercises and the methods provided in the book to release yourself and create new energetic pathways in your life, free from control, and completely sovereign in your energy.

BONUS #3:  Audio file of a recorded Declaration of Energetic Consent that you can use for meditation, study, and release. You will find the Declaration of Energetic Consent in your free report, and a separate copy is provided for you.

BONUS #4:  An audio of an energy control release with a .pdf which you can use to remove any energy control devices that you have within your physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual, auric, or etheric bodies.

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