Do you feel like a victim?

Do you live your life wishing you were lucky, blessed, and successful like other people?

Do you think you have absolutely no chance of ever having the life you wish you could have?

Do you live your life as a powerless victim or a powerful victor?

If this describes any part of your life, I understand because I lived as a victim for decades because of a traumatic life experience. You can read my story and learn strategies to move yourself from victim to victor, from powerlessness to being confident and powerful in my book, From Victim to Victor — How to Rise for Paralyzing Fear and Crippling Beliefs to Soar into Empowered Freedom. You can purchase the book on Amazon at this link. Then return to this page to get 5 *FREE* bonuses by entering your details below.

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From Victim to Victor book

Any traumatic life event can create a foundation of victimhood in your life and it is a topic I am very familiar with. I was paralyzed by a vaccine when I was five years old. For the next 5 years I gradually learned to move and to walk again. My dreams of becoming a ballerina were no longer possible as my legs were not strong enough and since I had lost part of my sense of balance, I would have been a very wobbly ballerina.

Although I mostly recovered from the paralysis, I knew that something was holding me back from realizing my true potential. No matter how hard I tried, there was a deep, nagging fear that stood in the way of success. I would pursue a goal only to be stopped in my tracks and my life would fall apart.

This continued for decades until one day I realized that I had created a victim story whose fears were deeply rooted in the story of the incident which had left me paralyzed. I had overcome the physical paralysis but I had not overcome its trauma. Overcoming this victim story meant finding its source, releasing my victim beliefs that were crippling my life and  paralyzing my dreams, and then creating a victor story so I could move into dynamic, fearless, and empowered living.

With startling clarity, this book will help you see where you have been a victim in your life, how what you have learned, heard from others, experienced and observed have created your Victim story and what you can do to become a Victor in your life.

Here is some of what you will learn in the From Victor to Victim book:

Why you may feel you have a big VICTIM sign on your forehead;

How you use the TWELVE victim words use every day to replay your victim story, over and over again, in every aspect of your life and how to transform them into inspiring VICTOR language.

How your focus on winning could be creating more of your victim story and the one small change you can make right now to change this.

How your victim beliefs are mirrored by the people in your life and, how you can release them to become a VICTOR.

The principle of ‘Be – Do – Have’ and how it can take you from victim to VICTOR in your life.

And how, once you decide to become a VICTOR, its empowerment spreads throughout your life, like ripples in a pond.

I did not become a VICTOR overnight but once I realized that I was a victim and decided to change my life, I created a more fulfilling, joyful, joy-filled and empowered life. I know that you can change your victim thinking, as I did, and live your life as a VICTOR.

By reading this book you will finally understand the cause and source of your victim story, how to transform it into dynamic, powerful, fulfilling living and become a VICTOR.


This book has the power to MOTIVATE you

to change your victim thinking forever.


It will help you understand why you live in fear and what prevents you from experiencing your life in a powerful, fulfilling way.

If you want to

  • get out of your victim thinking and start living your life as a victor
  • break away from cycles of pain, fear, frustration, and self judgment
  • release the painful memories of the past and their grip on your beliefs
  • start living your life from a point of empowerment, self awareness, and joy

You will learn all of those things in From Victim to Victor and more – you will be able to say “I am a VICTOR’ to yourself and really mean it.


Wish I had read this sooner

I am 77 years old and your book has changed my life. As a Native American, can see how I have carried many generations of victim thinking. I only regret that I did not read it sooner but I am putting these principles to work in my life today so I can live the rest of my life as a VICTOR.  Victor Spavier, Saskatchewan, Canada

Found the answer to my rage

This book is amazing and I found the answer to my anger, depression and fear in the first chapter, I have been unconsciously looking at things through the glasses of a victim—not any more! THANK YOU!!  M. Rosen, USA

I no longer share my victim story

Until I read how Jennifer shared her victim story I did not realize I have done that for years. No more though. I now talk about my victorious life as a VICTOR! Great book, thank you so much for sharing your victim story. Rosalee M, Santa Fe, NM

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