Thank you for signing up for your From Victim to Victor book purchase bonuses. You can access them below as downloads. These are .pdf files and they can be saved to your computer or digital media device and printed for your use. You can use them when you read the ‘Creating The Reality’ chapter in the From Victim to Victor book so you can apply what you read to your own life.

I hope you are enjoying the book and watch your mailbox for special hints and offers from me to help you on your journey from victim to victor. When you click on the button the file opens in a new tab. You can use your screen commands (or right mouse click) to open a dialogue box so they can be saved to your computer or digital media device.
These are for your personal use only, they may not be  posted online to a blog, website, publicly accessible cloud storage, or shared with others.


Your worksheet to create your dream life, which takes you through the process of changing your ‘this will never work’ victim thinking to create a life you love to wake up to and that reflects your new VICTOR status.



Your worksheet to ignite your Past to Present Transformation to shift your victim thinking into VICTOR action.


Your worksheet to help you transform your limiting beliefs from the past into powerful, motivating new beliefs in the present.


Your Top 10 Tips to Being a VICTOR guide to remind you of how to become a VICTOR by avoiding your old victim thinking and perceptions. You’ll want to keep this with you and read it daily.


Print this page for 12 cards that proudly proclaim your Victor status, “I AM A VICTOR”. Put them where you can see them to remind yourself that you are a victor in every aspect of your life.


Since 2003 Jennifer has received channeled messages from Archangel Uriel. Of the hundreds of messages she has channeled, this one, From One Breath to the Next, is her favorite.

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